Invitation I. DuEMUN Seminar

Honourable delegates of the III. DUEMUN,

we gladly invite you to your first preparation seminar on Saturday, 12th of May 2007. It´s gonna be from 10 A.M. – 2 P.M. in SG 135.

Timetable 12.05.2007

10:00 -10:45 A.M. Country assignments

10:45-11:15 A.M. Video presentation of the Security Council;

11:15-12 P.M. How to write a Position Paper

12:00-12:40 P.M. Lunch Break

12:40-1:15 P.M. Explanation of the Rules of Procedure

1:15-2:00 P.M. Role play (with a fake topic) in order to practice the Rules of Procedure

Please check the following links and files (thoroughly read the rules of procedure).

DuEMUN Rules of Procedure


Background Information about the UNHRC:

Background Information about the SC:


Studentische DuEMUN Initiative