Deputy Ambassador of Angola on his country’s new role in world politics

The Deputy Ambassador of Angola, Mr. Guido Castelbranco, followed the invitation of the University of Duisburg-Essen and INEF to the panel discussion with Prof. Peter Meyns and Dr. Christine Hatzky. Experts and students alike had many questions on how Angola uses its economic potential to foster political transformation and which role it plans to play in Africa and the world. The discussion was moderated by Prof. Tobias Debiel, director of INEF, and also served as part of the preparation of the delegation that will participate in NMUN 2008 (National Model United Nations) in New York where the students from Duisburg will represent Angola.Mr Castelbranco outlined Angola’s desire for a peaceful cooperation on the African continent, emphasizing the need for consesus in the resolution of conflicts. He called for more assistance for Angola, highlighting that despite the recent economic growth the country has yet to fully recover from almost 30 years of war and is in need of assistance in almost any field, from health care to economic infrastructure. As a parting gift, the Deputy Ambassador promised the full support of the German and American Embassies for the DuEMUN delegation to NMUN 08.