V. DuEMUN: Important Information and Seminar Schedule

Dear delegates of the DuEMUN-RuhrMUN Conference 2009,

we are very glad that you will take part in the conference and the
preparation e-learning seminar.

Now we want to inform you about the next steps of your preparation
process. Your application has been recognized in different ways.
Everyone has to apply in two ways. These options are different from
university to university. Here are the different possibilities:

a) Every delegate from every university has to register at:
This is especially important for the distribution of the committee and

b) For Students from the “RUB” and “TU Dortmund” only:
In case you have not yet send an email for registration to take part at
the preperation seminar to dieter.reinhardt@uni-due do it now. (Further
details about the seminar you can find under

c)Students from the University of Duisburg- Essen:
1. If you want to gain credit points for E3/studium generale
Please apply for the seminar at lsf.uni-due. There you can
find the s seminar “Funktionen des UN-Systems und Teilnahme
an der UN- Simulationstagung” DuEMUN-RuhrMUN
2. If you want to gain credit points for E1- Ergänzungsbereich

Please apply on the homepage from the “Institut für Optionale Studien”

If you have already registered yourself at
and in one of the two ways above everything is alright and you are fully

If not, please do so as quickly as possible.

Some other important announcements:

1) The schedule of the seminar you find under

2) In a couple of days you will get an invitation for the BSCW- Server. On
this server we will provide you with important preparation materials.
Please accept the invitation.

3) A few notes concerning your attendance in the Seminar:

Students from the University of Duisburg-Essen have to attend physically
at every seminar meeting (reasonable apologies are accepted).

Students from Dortmund and Bochum have to attend at every “Blockseminar”
and at the first meeting (dates in the schedule). The rest of the
seminar shell be watched via video.They also have to fulfill every task
like the students from Duisburg-Essen.

4) The attendance fee for the conference, which is needed for catering,
badges, placards and so on, is 50 Euro.

5) Participants from abroad: The next Model United Nations Conference is
going to be an international one. We will host students from India,
Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Israel , Egypt and so on.

Iy you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask and write a mail to:


We are looking forward to welcome you at the conference in Duisburg

Many greetings

*Dieter Reinhardt*, Dipl. Pol. (Research Associate, Institute e of
Poltical Science)

*Anja Senz*, M.A. (Research Associate, Institute of East Asian Studies)

*Kolja Brandstedt, *RuhrMUN Coordination Assistance

*Lena Kamps,* Speaker of DuEMUN e.V.