Haywire in NYC

For our first day in NYC everything went as not planned. Our meeting with a Senior correspondent of the International Law Commission, Mr Arnold Pronto, was scheduled for 9:30am at the UN offices was delayed; first we had no venue then the time was all wrong. He tried to get us to meet an hour earlier but already the set time was a struggle for most of us. Without a venue Prof Rheinhardt decided we all meet at Central Park, at the entrance of the American Museum of Natural history, big disaster. There was too much noise we could hardly understand what Mr Pronto was talking about; too many kids coming to visit the museum, the teachers shouting and the school buses driving up to the entrance. We decided to move yet again to the back of the museum where it was more quiet. Did I mention that the whole time some of us had been baking? Usually at this time of year New York should be cold, so most of us carried winter jackets to bear the cold; imagine the shock when it was all sunny and hot with temperatures of upto 23°C. I personally felt like a baked potato the whole day even after peeling off the many layers of clothing.

After the whole meeting at the Park we all dispersed, everyone trying to figure out the directions to their site of choice. Coincidentally for many Chinatown was top of the list, we bumped into each other a lot there. In the evening most of us met at the rooftop of our hotel, to drink and review the activities of the day. All in all the first day was quite eventful for all of us, and we all look forward to what the other days will bring.

From NYC,