Of China, law, squirrels and must-sees…

After a long but quite comfortable flight our Air France plane safely landed in New York City. Still quite sleepy from our journey we still started our two-week adventure with as much enthusiasm as possible. After we slept – due to jet lag – more or less comfortable, we started out our day by meeting Mr Arnold Pronto, secretariat of the legal committee. He is an expert of international law and could give us some very interesting insights on how international law is practiced and how China fits into it. While he was very informed on China’s position and argumentation in international law, he also gave us interesting facts about how China is working in this committee.

After our short, but very informative meeting with Mr Pronto, everyone of us was had a free afternoon in New York City. Since temperatures hit 24 degrees I was just too eager to discover the city when the weather couldn’t be better at all. Since our meeting with Mr Pronto was near Central Park, I decided to just visit the well-known Central Park, which I had heard of so much when I watched American movies. And I now know that this place has a quite unique panorama view on the Manhattan Skyline. While you have trees and lakes in the front, you have the massive skyscraper skyline in the back. But I discovered that this place is far more unique – or better say mysterious – than any other place I have visited. While the Central Park is mainly populated by people, we only discovered three more species: ducks, turtles and squirrels. While ducks preferred to lazily swim on the water, turtles seemed to be involved in a rock-lookalike-contest. You could mainly find them in the lakes, sitting on some half-invisible stone and not moving at all. It was very hard to see which turtle was leading the competition right now. Squirrels on the other hand don’t seem to ever stop moving at all. In and around Central Park you will find them everywhere – hopping on trees, in the grass, jumping on a flower, watching people coming by and looking for food almost everywhere. If you start feeding them, the New Yorkers are not going to like you at all, I guess.

There are more New Yorker animal species I hope – at least rats are said to be like everywhere but I haven’t paid the sewerage system a visit.

After crossing Central Park I decided to see what – almost – everyone else in our group was going to see today: the Statue of Liberty by taking the free Staten Island ferry, Brooklyn Bridge, Wall Street, World Trade Center, Battery Park and City Hall. It’s amazing to see these spots, which I have only seen in TV and pictures so far, in real life. It’s impressive and makes me far more excited about the days to come.