Sunbathing in a snowy Central Park

Our first morning in New York City was no time for relaxation. After arriving at the hotel late in the evening, we were all still quite a bit jet-lagged when we boarded the metro and headed for the American Museum of Natural History where we were to meet Mr Arnold Pronto from the Secretariat of the Sixth Committee of the United Nations General Assembly. This unusual meeting place was a side-effect of the space problems that plague UN Headquarters.

He briefed the delegation on the behavior of China and some other states at the International Court of Justice and in other organs of international law.

Afterwards, the group split up to explore the city, a rare opportunity on our tight schedule. New York welcomed us with 22° Celsius and a sunny disposition. A more careful observer can notice the memories of snow and ice still lingering in the minds of the New Yorkers, who had experienced a particularly cold winter. Not all of this remains a memory, as we encountered a sizeable pile of, albeit melting, snow in the middle of Central Park! Only minutes away from tourists, locals and turtles stretching their legs in the warm spring sun.

Visits to some of New York’s most historic sites such as Trinity Church or Federal Hall, the site where George Washington took the oath of office as first President of the United States, were the focus of most other excursions during the day.

Staying with the legal theme, the day ended in court. But fear not, instead of standing on trial, we merely observed a few sessions in a US court house. An escape attempt being one of the more noteworthy occasions during this event. The night courts have an atmosphere of their own, which makes matters more appealing to spectators such as ourselves.

Today we will visit several museums such as the USS Intrepid to celebrate to celebrate our one and only free day.