Bigger Better New York

After a long but safe trip over the great ocean we woke up to sunny weather and warm temperatures. New York showed us its American smile and we immediately started our adventures of discovering the city that never sleeps (and some delegates followed its example).

Our first official stop was the interview with the International Law Commission represented by Arnold Pronto, a nice South African man who answered our questions. After this our group split and we had to make the first hard decision: Where to go to and what to see first. For most of us the slogan “I came, I saw, I bought” soon became reality and New York invaded our little hearts.

N.Y. resembles the American attitude “bigger is better”, starting with its buildings and stopping with the size of the menus at Wendys. Since we had the weekend to ourselves we made the most of it, tortured our feet and went to see and experience as much as possible. Not only have we caught up with the New York life we’ve furthermore caught a sunburn because we didn’t dare to dream of such good weather back in Germany.

The weekend in New York was a great way to start our journey and we are all looking forward to the great interviews that are going to come next week, knowing that the NMUN-conference will be the highlight of our stay.