New York City: When it rains then it rains…it rains … and rains…and rains

Today we followed the appeal to rise and shine (very early) and went to meet with Mr. Steven Feller, the co-ordinating officer of the Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO). The interview with Mr. Feller was great, his power point presentation focused on the background and current status of Peacekeeping missions. Furthermore he answered our questions very patiently. He was very polite and even took us into the situation centre. There we received the opportunity to communicate with three women of the regular staff. They told us about their former background and journey before working for the DPKO and the United Nations. Mr. Feller told us that his inspiration to work for the United Nations relates back to his former participation in Model United Nations conferences. After this statement most students had a dreamy smile plastered to their faces.

After a break we went to the WMO our second interview of the day.  The co-ordination for sustainable Development was explained to us by Mr. Zamba and our questions were happily answered. Furthermore information concerning different issues i.e. global warming and green house gas were given to us. Our well-being was a great concern of the WMO and water and candy were supplied to our delegation.

Our last but not least interview of this long and rainy day was with Mr. Yuvan A. Beejadhur a counsellor of the World Bank. He talked about current topics, about the IMF, explained the five institutions and highlighted the main goal of the World Bank: to fight and overcome poverty.

All in all it was a great day despite the weather. Now we are all looking forward to the upcoming interviews.