So much rain….but even much more information

So much rain……but even much  more information

Starting our second day with interviews early in the morning weather was still not on our side. So after rushing through the rain we reached the German House which is located close to the UN.

Inside the German House the Permanent Mission, the German Consulate, academic institutions and bureaus of several German universities is provided, so it is probably the center of all kind of German interests, whether they are cultural, political, economic or scientific.

The first interview we had with the press and public relation officer Katharina Ahrendt in the meeting room with a great view over Manhattan on the 23rd floor. After introducing herself and the work of the German House, how it is organized and what are its duties and responsibilities, we had enough time to ask all the question we had.

After this first and informing meeting our group divided. The first ones had enough time to spread into the city having lunch or just to relax and have a break. For the other ones the tough program continued having an appointment with the NGO WGWPS (Working Group on Women, Peace and Security).  After having talked about such important topics as the danger for women in war zones or the gender equality in the UN the next interview followed promptly.

Everyone who will negotiate about environmental topics next week at the UN-Simulation found great support and interesting points at the UNDP-GEF, the department for global, environmental and facility questions at the UN Development Programme. Having three great interview partners we all got much input concerning these topics.

Finishing this informative, interesting but also exhausting day we were all glad to have some time left to let this day die away.