Change is in the air

It is hard to imagine that we are still in the same city that we arrived in last week. The temperature has dropped considerably and fog lingers in the streets. A far cry from the 25 degrees that we were able to enjoy just last weekend.

In the morning we went to Williamsburg, to shop and boy did we shop! 8 Bottles of Mountain Dew in all varieties, bread, cheese, crackers and and fruit salad went back to the hotel with us at a considerably lower price than what we would have paid in any Manhattan store.

Sadly, our trip was quite delayed due to construction work on the metro, as had to transfer several times.

Our next destination was the memorial for Ulyssess S. Grant, General of the Union Army and later President ofthe United States. Located just a few blocks away from Midtown, this mausoleum still felt quite isolated from the vibrant city. After paying our respects to the deceased president, we went home.

Later in the evening, we explored Times Square once more and began preparation for our work in the Security Council Working Group.

Tonight, not only the weather will be changing. The pace of our study trip will change quite drastically as NMUN sessions approach in the evening.