Extinction is forever

Using the last few hours of free time that we had left, we visited the American Museum of Natural History. It was not quite as amazing as often presented but had solid exhibitions full of dinosaurs, dead animals, both alive and extinct, and different human peoples.

Some exhibitions on biodiversity were taglined with “Extinction is forever”, a great statement that is sort of mooted by the presence of millions of dead animals in this museum.

Some parts of the museum did feel a bit dated in presentation but the science was solid. The museum does place a lot of focus on geology, with some interesting presentations such as a working seismograph that reacts to people jumping in its vicinity.

We did not enjoy the space exhibition all that much since it was rather basic. In retrospect, we should have planned a visit to the planetarium as well.

NMUN sessions began in the evening with the Security Council Working Group on Children in Armed Conflict getting a lot of work done. After a brief confusion about a good agenda order, we finally decided to begin with topic 2, which deals with “the Impact on Children of the illicit trafficking of Small Arms and Light Weapons”

We have been working closely with all members of the committee but unfortunately, the focus has shifted to Small Arms and Light Weapons. An issue that we can deal with in the context of our usual work but that we are not mandated to work on as extensively as some delegations would like to.

China will therefore keep trying to remind our fellow delegations that we must focus on our mandate.