Ready, Set…Go!

Sunday, the day the NMUN kicked off! But at first I met with Sara, my committee partner, to coordinate the strategy of our committee. We discussed which agenda we want to take first and what kind of ideas we could implement in a possible resolution.

Of course the first committee session started as late as 8 pm, but we were still very engaged and also very nervous for this event. As a delegate in the General Assembly Third Committee I was in a very big committee consisting of all UN member states. This made me kind of nervous since the conference room was fully packed with people and Sara and me were very happy that we reserved our seats early enough since not all delegates were able to get a seat. After the chair gave us some information of general rules and procedures the actual first session started. Our first caucus was very interesting since we spoke to many people in a really short time and were very surprised about how well prepared most delegations were. We heard lots of interesting propositions and were able to represent our own choice of topics. At the end of our today’s rather short session we managed to put an important topic of universal education on the agenda first and are looking forward for the following days.