The real work begins…

Our Monday started quite comfortable, but the Chinese delegation for the third General Assembly started early to write a working paper, in order to improve our cooperation with our fellow delegates in this committee. We further outlined China’s position on education and thought of new and innovating ways to implement a global standard of education.

In our committee sessions we soon started to present our working paper and involved ourselves in other delegation’s working papers since we wanted to improve them. We heard lots of interesting ideas and found, that our own position paper covered most thoughts. Nevertheless we learnt a lot from all other delegations and were sometimes quite amazed about how different views could be.

Our committee work was only interrupted by the official opening ceremony which unfortunately wasn’t located at the United Nations Building due to repair work. Therefore the opening ceremony had to take place in the Sheraton Hotel, but somehow the organizers were able to fit around 2500 delegates in a conference room. To avoid injuries and fatalities we were lined up and brought to our seats in a very formal and organized way, but it helped a lot to start the ceremony in time. The opening ceremony was interesting since some real diplomats gave thoughtful speeches and encouraged us to just do more for our own committee and country. But with only one hour the opening ceremony was over a little too soon.

Let’s see how China will be able to put its position in the final resolution. The next two days will be decisive.