“We like merges”

After a rather short night we had to get up very early to be on time to our first session on Tuesday. This session started as always with a 20-minute long roll call, since the Third Committee of the General Assembly consists of all member states and each country is called at this point. Of course we started to look out for these working groups we were working together the day before and continued to discuss our positions and how we could work everything into a few sentences. We were successfully able to implement our own goals in a working group and eagerly sponsored the whole working paper. We also signed some other working papers which were in line with our own goals. We discovered that a huge amount of working papers somehow appeared and since 18 working papers were nice, but way too many to work with, the Chairs kindly urged us to merge similar working papers. Our own working paper was merged with five other similar working papers at the end of the day. This provided an opportunity for us since we were able to form a much larger group of states and which proved to be an advantage on Wednesday. On this day we further improved and merged our working papers till we got 10 draft resolutions on the floor. Only five of them were approved as resolutions, but it was the one China sponsored which achieved the most in-favor-votes. We helped to write a very constructive and innovative resolution and are very confident for the next day, when the General Assembly Plenary will decide about our resolutions.