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In the next few weeks, there will be a lot of activity on Look forward to a new Version of MUNS, our Model UN Software, a new Edition of the Rules of Procedure and information concerning DuEMUN and NMUN 2011.

DuEMUN 2010 Photos and Infos

Look forward to more documents and photos concerning DuEMUN 2010 after the exam phase.


MUNS will be upgraded to 1.5 and receive lose a lot of new features. Look forward to:

  • Qualified Majority Voting for EU simulations
  • Intelligent management of Speakers Time in Moderated Caucuses
  • Improved Netbook Mode
  • Improved User Interface
  • Improved Quorum Calculator
  • Fixed Bug: MUNS will no longer attempt to hack US nuclear launch codes if run on Russian computers (Sorry guys!)
  • Removed text to speech abilities to increase compatibility across all plattforms.

Rules of Procedure Update

We will add a few changes to the Rules of Procedure, such as:

  • Finalizing special rules for G8/G20 and Security Council
  • Minute of silent prayer will be re-introduced
  • Adoption by Acclamation will be expanded

DuEMUN 2011

DuEMUN VII is already casting its long shadow. As usual, the conference will be held in June. Application will begin in January.

More details will soon be added on this site.

NMUN 2011

Also look forward to messages concerning the planning phase of a new Ruhr Area Delegation to NMUN.