Participating in DuEMUN e.V.

For all those, wishing to join our association after this year’s DuEMUN, here is a little primer on how to participate in DuEMUN e.V. activities.

  1. Join the Mailing list
  2. Think about how you would want to improve DuEMUN
  3. Show up at Association meetings (always posted on the list) and let your voice be heard.

If you want to have a more formal role, all of our formal positions will be open for election. In addition, we are always open to creating entirely new positions. A lot of our senior staff will be graduating soon, so there is a lot of room for fresh minds with fresh ideas.

DuEMUN is very democratic. This means that anyone can contribute and make a significant impact on the conference or the association. You could easily suggest improvements today that will already be implemented in June 2011!

DuEMUN needs you to survive!