Goodbye Dieter

After six years of co-organizing the DuEMUN conference, long year veteran Dieter Reinhardt is leaving the project as of fall 2010. With him he will take a piece of DuEMUN history as it was due to Mr Reinhardt’s impulse that Model UN and consecutively DuEMUN came to Duisburg.

He has seen the project grow and flourish, from a meager group of students to one of the largest international MUNs in Germany.  As Faculty Adviser, he has accompanied three NMUN delegations and two DuEMUN seminars have been carried out in his name. Us students can certainly profess to having learned a great deal from working with him over the years.

His departure will surely leave a mark on the MUN community in the Ruhr Area. In this spirit, we say ” Farewell Dieter”, may your future career be as fruitful as your time with us.