DuEMUN 2010 Crisis Comes True

After the 2009 DuEMUN crisis simulation about a Taepodong-2 crash came true just a week later, the 2010 crisis simulation has now been confirmed as reality.

In the crisis simulation at the 2010 DuEMUN conference, the Security Council faced a nuclear weapons program in Burma, located in an underground bunker in the countryside. The origin of the program could be traced back to North Korean scientists.

Based on information obtained in the Wikileaks cables, the UK’s Guardian reported yesterday:

Witnesses inĀ Burma claim to have seen evidence of secret nuclear and missile sites being built in remote jungle, according to secret US diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks, heightening concerns that the military regime is seeking to developĀ nuclear weapons.
A Burmese officer quoted in a cable from the US embassy in Burma said he had witnessed North Korean technicians helping to construct an underground facility in foothills more than 300 miles (480km) north-west of Rangoon.


For the second year in a row, a DuEMUN crisis has once again become reality during the same year. Our crisis staff is confident that next year’s crisis will continue the realistic standards set in previous conferences.