Faculty Adviser Workshop 2009 bears fruit

When a substantial amount of foreign delegations visited Duisburg in June 2009, they were of course accompanied by faculty advisers. Our colleagues at the Institute for Development and Peace and the Institute of East Asian Studies had organized a workshop to utilize the academic potential that resulted from having a gathering of distinguished scholars from several countries as guests in Duisburg. An academic workshop was conducted, which focused on one of the focal topics of the MUN: Climate Change.

Many of the contributing scholars have had a chance to visit DuEMUN again in June 2010, undoubtedly working on this very document while their students were debating international issues next door.

In late 2010, the results of the 2009 workshop were finally published in the “Duisburg Working Papers on East Asian Studies”. The paper, titled “Green Governance –One Solution for Two Problems” and edited by then DuEMUN Faculty Advisers Dr. Senz and Mr Reinhardt, can be downloaded here.

We thank our former colleagues for going through with this project as thoroughly as they have , even though our cooperation with their institutes for the 2011 DuEMUN was scaled down a bit.

We especially want to thank them for their kind reference to all the student delegates, whose presence in Duisburg had made that workshop possible. But this comes as no surprise, given the spirit of cooperation between students and faculty from Duisburg-Essen, Bochum, Dortmund as well as national and international partner universities that is endemic to DuEMUN.