From DuEMUN to Afghanistan: Of Theory and Practical Utilization

In May 2008 Lieutenant General Rainer Glatz, Commander of the German Operation Command, gave a speech at the University of Duisburg-Essen about the security situation in Afghanistan to an assembly of international students who gathered to participate on a simulation of the United Nations. The students appreciated the practical insight presented by the General and he invited them to discuss the way ahead for the country. The Duisburg-Essen Model United Nations association, run exclusively by students, has the self defined aim to organize the simulation conference every year.

General Glatz and Captain Schnurre in Afghanistan

Now, more than two years later, the story continues. During his visit to the Headquarter of the Regional Command North in Mazar-E-Sharif, General Glatz met with one of the former students. Captain Schnurre has finished his study on International Relations with main emphasis on Military and Security Relations in July 2010. “For me it was obvious to give a personal contribution to the reconstruction of Afghanistan. Not only why I am a reservist, but also why I see the success is laying in the smart combination of development, governance and security aspects,” he said.

He works in the Headquarter where he brings into a lot of civilian inputs on the operational planning process. And his academic background with all its subjects fits perfect to his mission. The job in an international environment requires several soft skills such as intercultural competences; fluent English; and the ability to think in civilian terms as well as to negotiate rather than order and obey. “Thanks to the work with the DuEMUN association I got a proper preparation additional to the military pre-deployment training,” the captain mentions. According to him, the soft skills can also be useful for civilian jobs in International Organizations, as he recognizes them on his “now” civilian counterparts.

General Glatz welcomed the Captain in theatre and wished him success for the rest of his tour ending in March 2011. He also addressed best regards to the DuEMUN association with cordially greetings and successful for the upcoming simulation in end of May.

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