Dropping the Pilot

Judith Meyer, Nils Macher

DuEMUN is very sad to announce that Mr Nils Macher, Secretary General of the DuEMUN Association, had to resign due to medical reasons. With Mr Macher, we lose one of the most central figures of this association.

He had shaped the last three DuEMUN conferences significantly with his unparalleled effort and dedication. Nils was always the first to open the doors in the morning and the last to lock them in the evening.

Through his work, he carried entire conferences on his shoulders. Not only in the preparation process where he was instrumental in developing the concepts for the last DuEMUN conferences, organized the proceedings, supported the research on the agenda topics and organized the preparation courses for DuEMUN and NMUN delegates, but also in the proceedings of the conference where he often took the role of a coordinator and problem solver.

Jens Fischer, collaborator and fellow member of the DuEMUN Think-Tank remembers:

I will always look back fondly on the 2009 DuEMUN, where Nils and I spent 20 hours a day to fix technical issues, support the committees, and plan the crisis simulation. We only had time to eat gummi bears all week and needed to live on caffeine to stay awake. In the end, the MUN was a great success. That experience really formed the basis of our friendship and changed the way we ran our MUNs.

Nils will for the third and last time accompany an NMUN Delegation to New York City to win more awards for our trophy wall. After that he will take his leave from DuEMUN.

The association has yet to decide on a successor.One thing is certain, however: Nils Macher’s footsteps will prove nearly impossible to fill.

Get well soon Nils!