DuEMUN Delegation Returns from SMUN

Informal, but really personal started the SMUN 2011 November 10th for our delegation with a walking sightseeing tour through the beautiful city of Stockholm. By splitting up in two groups we got the chance to meet some of our co-delegates. After getting to know the city, but more important some of the people we were got to spend the next days with, we all got back together at the Stockholm School of Economics for the opening ceremony, followed by a little mingle.

After a fun first evening, we all were ready to start debating and so we did Friday at 1pm. The first session started with a roll call for the ECOSOC – “Is there any delegation not recognized yet?” “ -“Well…yes, the United States of America.” – followed by a 1 minute opening speech from each delegation.
In the evening we all followed the invitation to an official delegate dinner, probably the best social event. After a little reception we all got placed for the dinner, so we would meet more of our fellow delegates. Once the dinner was over the dancing started, how else could it be in Sweden, with ABBA.

Tired, but ready for committee session number two starting at 9am on Saturday, we all arrived at the venue. Session #2 was really productive, before lunch there were already a couple working papers introduced. The afternoon session #3 heated up even more, so that we all could end the 2nd day with draft resolutions ready to be introduced on Sunday. The social events that evening were another little mingle followed by partying at Sweden’s most popular club “Café Opera”.

Tired again, but knowing that today was the day that matters, session number 4 started at 10am. More introduced draft resolutions, frustration, desperation.
The ECOSOC went to lunch to get energized for the final session #5.
With a lot of good work, agreements and some compromising, the Economic and Social Council closed Stockholm Model United Nation 2011 with a resolution we all are really proud of, so did the Security Council and the Human Rights Council.
Happy as well as relieved everyone got together one more time for the closing ceremony and SMUN 2011 officially ended – again, with ABBA.
A bunch of delegates decided to end their SMUN more personal with a nice dinner, celebrating the resolutions, we all worked so hard for on top of, in the words of a delegation from Italy the fact that “Berlusconi is not their president anymore!”

In a nutshell – bridges have been built, friends have been made and the world has been saved (at least in our opinion ;))

With a warm “thanks” to the amazing host team – we had a blast.