DuEMUN Alumni Newsletter #1 2012

Dear Alumni members; friends and supporters of the DuEMUN! We wish you a very happy and successful year New Year!

2011 has just kicked-off and so do the activities of the DuEMUN association. The last newsletter focused on the annual simulation conference in May and gave an outlook on the upcoming events primarily the annual assembly and vote of a new board for our association. This time we focus on the inaugurated presidency; the upcoming events and some technical changes on the newsletter distribution.

First of all we welcome the new assigned board around Katharina Meven as president. Katharina supported the DuEMUN as treasurer in the period 2010-2011 and was a co-organizer of last year’s 7th Conference. She will be supported by Joerg Langerwisch and Nikola Schmidt as vice-presidents and by Melike Varder and Ioannis Giotis who took responsibility as treasurers. We wish the team a successful year. We also congratulate the former board manned by Judith Meyer; Susanne Steitz; Sebastian Stier; Katharina Meven and Alexandra Jaap for the dedication and personal commitment. Special thanks goes to Jens Fischer as chief of operations for many years now and who is currently looking for a worthy replacement.

The plans on the activities have just started and concentrate currently to attend on the WorldMun 2012 in Vancouver/ Canada, where the DuEMUN delegation will represent Ghana.
The eight installment of the largest Model UN in the Ruhr Area will take place in the week of May, 21th 2012. It is planned that up to 150 students will convene in three forums (UN Security Council, Group of 20, and Council of the European Union) to debate current topics. We haven’t received the final program for the conference but we are planning to organize an Alumni meeting. So please safe the date in your calendar! We´ll keep you updated.

Finally we have to announce some technical changes on the newsletter distribution. Until now it was time intensive to administrate the excel-sheet with all names and email-addresses. Hence we decided to pushed the responsibility back to all those who are interested. Those who want to receive the newsletter in future have to subscribe with their email on the DuEMUN webpage. Just follow the hyperlink: http://www.duemun.de/aboutus/duemun-alumni/

That’s it from our side. Feel free to send us your comments, remarks or advices and forward the newsletter to others interested.

Kind regards,
Jennifer Mansey and Joerg Schnurre