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Delegates may now apply for the VIII DuEMUN conference, taking place from 21. to 25. May 2012. This year marks the eight installment of DuEMUN’s annual conference at the University of Duisburg-Essen, where more than six hundred participants have debated, quarreled and made alliances in the arenas of international relations since 2005.

In 2012 up to 150 students will once again convene in three forums of international politics to debate current topics in a realistic manner. To account for the changing landscape of Global Governance, this year’s conference will focus more strongly on non-UN actors. Thus, delegates will assume the roles of diplomats and heads of state in the United Nations Security Council, the Group of 20 and the Council of the European Union with topics ranging from the situation in Iran to the safety of the common European currency.

As DuEMUN continues to be an ambassador of the Ruhr Area, a rich cultural program, showcasing many of the region’s most famous sights and events, will once again be part of the conference.
Social events, such as the Global Village party, in which delegates can present food, drink and culture of their assumed country, will help delegates from different countries, universities and study programs connect as they take on issues of international relations.

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