A Message from the Secretary General of the United Nations

DuEMUN is honored to have received the following statement from His Excellency Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations concerning the upcoming DuEMUN conference VIII.



Duisburg, 21 – 25 May 2012


You meet at a time of great challenge and transition. Our world faces an increasingly complex set of realities, from rising joblessness to growing inequality to the increasing dangers of climate change. Many people are disillusioned with the established order; there is distrust in institutions; and a general sense that the playing field is tilted in favour of entrenched interests and elites.

We need to forge a common agenda that can help ensure that future generations grow up in a world of sustainable peace, prosperity, freedom and justice. To help build this future,
I have set out an action agenda that focuses on five imperatives: first, sustainable development; second, preventing conflicts, damage from disasters and human rights abuses; third, building a more secure world; fourth, supporting countries in transition; and fifth, working with and for women and youth.

The world’s young people have a crucial role to play across our agenda. You are part of the largest generation of young people our world has ever known – and in our times, we have seen young people turn the tide of history.

Yet opportunities for youth are falling short. Youth unemployment rates are at record levels. Many are stuck in low-wage, dead-end work, despite having college degrees. We must work together to expand economic and political empowerment to help young people make the most of their enormous potential. I will appoint a new United Nations Special Representative
for Youth to help spearhead our efforts.

I am counting on your continued leadership and engagement. By participating in this Model United Nations, you will hone your negotiating skills and gain insights into what it takes to achieve consensus and progress. Armed with these assets, you can mobilize and engage on the major issues of our day. From raising awareness through Facebook and Twitter to joining forces in other ways with like-minded students from around the world, you can make your voices heard and drive political and social change.

This is an era of great uncertainty, but also one of profound opportunity for individuals to make a difference. The human family now has seven billion members. Please help us build the future we want. I wish you great success at this Model UN, and I hope the experience will inspire you to support the United Nations and our global work for peace, justice, human rights and sustainable development for years to come.

BAN Ki-moon