About the DuEMUN Alumni

The DuEMUN association has existed for almost a decade. More than a hundred of us – young national and international students – have participated in the annual conference or just supported the association with our personal commitment.

Most of us have left the campus and started a career around the world. But we still feel part of the association. Therefore we founded the alumni section to get first hand information on the latest activities of the association and to support the association if needed. Every member of the DuEMUN association who cannot any longer actively participate on meetings and activities of the association but still feels linked to the aims of the association can become member of the alumni.

This has to be stated on own purpose and will be valid as soon as the annual membership fees are paid. A summit of the alumni will take place on the same day of the conference closing ceremony each year. Therefore all alumni members have a chance to experience the DuEMUN spirit once again while meeting old friends and the next generation.

Alumni Newsletter

For all those who still feel being part of the association will now have the chance to subscribe to our alumni newsletter section. We will update you on a regular basis. We will mostly focus to our German members.
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