Information on the Application Procedure

If you want to participate at DueMUN, you can either apply for a delegate or chairpersons. You will find detailed information on the requirements and procedures below.


General Information

If you wish to participate, you must need the following requirements:

  • The maximum age is 30 years at the time of the conference.
  • You will be or have been enrolled at a University or College within 12 months of the date of the conference.

All participants of DuEMUN are required to pay a conference fee of 55 Euros. This fee covers conference materials such as badges and placards, drinks and snacks and parts of the cultural events. Not included are transportation costs, accommodation and other expenses.

Please send your fees (date tbc) via wire-transfer (Überweisung) to:

Account Number: 0200181766
Bank Code: 350 500 00
Bank Name: Sparkasse Duisburg

Use the subject line: “Your Name” “Your first country preference” “Your first committee preference”

Consequently a sample would look like this: “M. Mustermann Angola ECOSOC”. If you do not do this, we are unable to find out who you are and will not be able to process your application. Important: We will assign you a country only after receiving your fees!

Once you have been assigned your country you need to prepare a 1-2 page position paper detailing the position of your country regarding the questions before the Council. Position papers have to be submitted by tbc.

Students of the University Alliance Ruhr (UA Ruhr: TU Dortmund, Ruhr Universität Bochum, Universität Duisburg-Essen) are able to earn 2 ECTS by participating in the Conference and submitting their position papers on time.


Registration for Delegates

Should you have any trouble with the form, please apply by sending an e-mail containing all of the required information to vorstand(at)duemun(dot)de. We strongly suggest to have a copy of the form emailed to you. If you do not receive a copy, your registration was not processed!

Country preferences

Head to the list of countries and select five countries across several committees that have not been crossed out yet. and put them into the form in the order of your preference. Please do not pick your own country. The point of Model UN is to see the world from a new perspective. So Try something completely different for a change!

Attention: If all of your selected options have already been assigned or if you did not enter any valid countries, you will be assigned a country at random.
If you pick the same country and committee combination in several or all fields, you will be assigned a random country also.


A Curriculum Vitae (German or English) and a motivational letter (English) are required for the application process. The CV should follow established international standards. Submitting a photograph is encouraged but not required. Your CV will primarily be used to determine wether your identity is genuine, only your past MUN experience and motivational letter will be considered for the actual application process.

The motivational letter should be no shorter than half a page of DIN A4 and no longer than a single page of DIN A4. Font size must not exceed 12 points. Valid formats are txt, doc, rtf, pdf.

In it, you are asked to outline your reasons for taking part in the conference as eloquently as possible.


Registration for Chairpersons

Instead or representing a country, you may apply for a position on our dais team. Each committee’s dais consists of a Director and at least two Assistants. If selected, you will be assigned to assist in a committee of our choosing.

Assistants will alternate between the roles of Chair and Rapporteur and are also expected to assist the Director in the Working Paper process.

To apply for a position on the dais team, please contact our DuEMUN president  at vorstand[at] You are asked to provide a CV, past MUN credentials and a motivational letter.

Your credentials

  • You are or have been recently enrolled as a student, graduate student or similar.
  • You have university level Model UN experience.
  • Ideally, you have experience on the dais team of a Model UN or Model EU conference.