Surviving Duisburg

Medical Emergencies

Calling 112 on any phone will let you contact emergency services and the police in severe cases.
If you feel sick, there are dozens of general practitioners in Duisburg. Our staff will gladly help you find one that understands your native language.

Places of Worship

Mosque: Warbruckstraße 51, 47169 Duisburg
Synagogue: Springwall 16, 47051 Duisburg
Catholic Church: Ludgeriplatz 33, 47057 Duisburg
Protestant Church: Martinstraße 39, 47058 Duisburg
Our Staff will gladly help you locate the appropriate place of worship for your religion.


The Ruhr Metropolis has a vast network of public transportation. Refer to Find Us for more detailed information.
Duisburg Taxi dispatch can be reached under +49 203 33 33 33

Kosher / Halal Food

You will find the widest selection of Halal Restaurants and Supermarkets in Duisburg Marxloh (Take trams 901 or 903 to <<Marxloh Pollmann>>)
If you require a Kosher diet, please contact our staff before your arrival.

Shopping and Tourism

The largest malls in the area are the
Centro in Oberhausen, one of the largest malls in Europe. There you will also find a food court and a large variety of bars and restaurants. (Public Transport to Oberhausen, Neue Mitte)
and the equally large Limbecker Platz in Essen. Which also features a food court and is directly connected to the Essen City Center which offers additional department stores, restaurants and shopping opportunities. (Public Transport to Essen, Berliner Platz)

If you have the time, a plethora of sights and famous cities such as Cologne or Düsseldorf are within close proximity of Duisburg. For a list of tourist attractions, events and night life in Duisburg, head to Duisburg’s tourism information page.


There is a wide variety of Hotels and Hostels in and around Duisburg. See this page for a list of Hotels and Youth Hostels (Jugendherbergen) in Duisburg. Examples include Duisburg City Hostel and the Hostel at Landschaftspark Duisburg.

We also suggest looking for accommodation in nearby Mülheim or Düsseldorf. Both cities are excellently connected to the University via public transport.