Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What is Model United Nations?
    Model United Nations or MUN is a realistic simulation of United Nations Organs. Students assume the role of diplomats to solve a current crisis while staying in character for a specific country. MUN follows a simplified form of the rules of procedure that the real United Nations are using.
  2. What is DuEMUN?
    DuEMUN is a student association that organizes and participates in Model United Nations Conferences. It is also the name of the annual conference that is being hosted in the Ruhr Area.
  3. Who is in charge of DuEMUN?
    DuEMUN is mostly democratic in nature. Members are generally free to shape the policy of the association.
    Formally, DuEMUN is led by a board of directors and a Secretary General.
  4. How can I join the DuEMUN Association?
    Usually, you will participate in a DuEMUN conference first and then fill out the membership form to become a full member of the DuEMUN association. For more details on how to become a member, please head to the appropriate page
  5. How frequently do you meet?
    The frequency of meetings depends on the temporal distance to the DuEMUN conference. Generally we meet once a month. The date of this meeting is announced in advance.

DuEMUN Conferences

  1. Why does your conference suck?
    DuEMUN is one of cheapest Model UN conferences there is. At the same time, we provide more creature comforts than larger and more expensive Model UN conferences. This means you get a more luxurious conference for only a quarter of the price that MUNs of this size usually charge.
  2. Am I qualified to participate?
    If you are, or have been enrolled in a university within twelve months of the first day of the conference and are not older than 30 years, you are free to join us. Basic English skills and eligibility for a Schengen visa are also required. (where applicable)
  3. My English is pretty bad, can I really come?
    Just as in the real United Nations, people will have different command of the language. You will not be the only participant whose English is not comparable to a native speaker. Rather embrace the opportunity to speak and use English in a setting where you will not be graded and judged.
  4. I come from a developing country and want to join your conference.
    DuEMUN has traditionally had many successful participants from developing countries. However due to widespread fraud, we require a more thorough proof of your identity and qualifications. This includes contact emails for faculty members, confirmation of enrollment and other pieces of identification that are easily obtainable for students.
    Please keep in mind that we cannot provide funding or pay for your accommodation or travel costs. We can give you suggestions for possible sources of funds but be advised that you must raise any funds yourself.
  5. How do I apply for participation?
    Starting January, you will find an application form on the page of the current DuEMUN conference. We operate on a first come-first served basis for all countries other than the P5. Out of applicants for these countries, the best delegates are selected.
  6. Can I bring a friend?
    By all means, please do! You may also ask to be both put on the same delegation so that you can prepare for the event as a team. Please note that both of you should meet the requirements for participation and fill out the application form.
  7. How much does the participation cost?
    We charge 70 € for all participants. If you fail to meet the payment deadline, you will be charged 90 € in late fees.
  8. I paid for the conference but I cannot come. Are there refunds?
    We will announce a refund deadline. After that date has passed, you cannot get a refund, even if you have paid late fees.
  9. Are there awards?
    Yes, there are committee awards for the best delegation and we also assign awards for the best position papers.
  10. Can I get ECTS credit points?
    As a student body, we cannot hand out credit points. However, earning ECTS credits has usually been possible in the last years. The University of Duisburg-Essen has offered a seminar for students that would participate in the DuEMUN conference. Please note that such a seminar is entirely independent of the association and we cannot guarantee that one will be provided or that it will be useful for your preparation.
  11. Do I have to study at the University of Duisburg-Essen to receive ECTS credits?
    In previous years, a large number of students from Bochum and Dortmund have participated alongside students from Duisburg and Essen. Through the RuhrCampus Online scheme, they too could receive ECTS credit points. If a seminar will be offered in 2012, this will very likely be the case as well. 
  12. How will you prepare me for DuEMUN?
    We will host several bloc courses in the course of the semester. It is mandatory to attend two of these courses to be able to participate in the DuEMUN conference. Each course usually lasts four hours.
    We also provide some background material in our very own Moodle.
  13. What is the schedule of the conference like?
    On the first day of the conference, there is a Global Village party that provides an opportunity to get to know your fellow delegates. Afterwards there is an Opening Ceremony that formally opens the conference and provides some diplomatic glamour. The rest of the week is dominated by daily simulations from morning to late afternoon. In between there are usually smaller social events. The week closes with a Closing Ceremony and Farewell Party. For each current conference, a schedule will be posted.
  14. What is the cultural program?
    The cultural program provides an insight into life in the Ruhr Area and beyond. The program and schedule depend on the number and origin of our international visitors. However, German participants are encouraged to participate. Please note. If you want to participate in the cultural program, you have to arrive before it has already commenced.
  15. Will there be parties?
    We will have two large and official parties and there will be some smaller social events to get to know your committee.
  16. Are you looking for chairs, rapporteurs, directors?
    Absolutely! If you are qualified and interested, we will look forward to hearing from you. Applications are handled through the Secretary General.

Joining a DuEMUN Delegation (e.g. for WorldMUN or NMUN)

  1. Which requirements must I meet to participate?
    You must be currently enrolled in a University. You must also have MUN experience or similar qualifications. You must possess the funds to pay for the trip (see below) and you must not be on any no-fly list or wanted by the United States Government.
  2. Who will pay for my trip?
    First and foremost, you are responsible to pay for your own expenditures. These include airplane tickets, visa and accommodation. You should have 1500 € at your disposal to cover these expenses.
    However we have in the past achieved funding of 80 to 90%. Depending on how hard you work, you can significantly cheapen your trip. Be aware however, that most funds will only be awarded after the trip has already concluded.
  3. How many delegations can I join?
    You can join as many delegations as you like, provided you are willing and able to pay for all of the voyages and invest the same amount of time in preparing and fundraising all conferences.
  4. How do you define MUN experience?
    You must have participated in a college level MUN, preferably DuEMUN or NMUN itself. Similar qualifications include Model EU experience or High School level Model UN. In these cases we reserve the right to demand additional Model UN participation.
  5. How will I prepare for the trip?
    The delegation will collaborate on preparation. Experienced veterans and other DuEMUN staff will assist newcomers if necessary.
  6. I like to party a lot, New York sounds like the city for me!
    Then DuEMUN is not the delegation for you. Our MUN trips are study trips and especially NMUN will require you to work long hours at night to get good resolutions done. Also the general conduct of our delegation influences awards. If we catch you partying every night and neglecting your work, there will be severe sanctions.