If you are interested in DuEMUN, there are multiple ways for you to get involved with our organization. See below for three options, suited to multiple different needs and abilities.

Become active in the Association

The best way to join DuEMUN e.V. is to join us at the next association meeting (advertised on the front page). To become a formal member, all you have to do is pay the membership fee or join a DuEMUN conference.
Membership fees for one year are 20€ as of September 2010. If you have already participated in a DuEMUN conference in the same year, your membership fee will be waived.

What’s in it for you

Prestigious positions on the conference staff or on the association board and interesting challenges await you.

  • Be on friendly terms with high ranking University Staff!
  • Write speeches for important dignitaries!
  • Acquire awesome skills at project management!
  • Help organize an awesome conference for hundreds of students!
  • Meet cool people from many faculties and countries!

Join one of our Delegations

if you already have college level Model UN experience or similar, consider signing up for one of our international delegations. There is a current news post whenever we are recruiting. So keep your eyes open!

Take part in a DuEMUN Conference

If you merely enjoy Model UN and want to simulate the United Nations, sign up for our DuEMUN conference. For more information about this project, see the top  navigation for the current and for former DuEMUN Conferences.