DuEMUN Conferences

“Duisburg-Essen Model United Nations” (DuEMUN) is a Model United Nations Simulation. This means that students assume the roles of politicians, experts, members of the press and UN staff to simulate political debates in the United Nations.

Just like real ambassadors, they are expected to adhere to diplomatic protocol and a strict set of debating rules to settle their differences and to achieve a common solution for some of the most pressing problems of the world.

Realism is a key part of every MUN. For this reason, students are expected to represent the actual interests of real states on the world stage. Researching the position of a state and identifying potential goals and interests is therefore a huge part of the simulation experience.

Several days of debates and negotiations behind closed doors are followed by an attempt to resolve the issues on the agenda. In the end, students produce a resolution that could be passed in an actual body of the UN without any changes.

The annual model UN simulation DuEMUN has grown into an international MUN and is recognized as the largest of it’s kind in the Ruhr Area. The last DuEMUN conferences were among the largest university level MUNs in Germany.

In 2010, the conference has expanded to include other bodies such as the European Union or the Human Rights Council.

2016 we are going to organize our 12th conference.