From the 5th to the 7th of July met students from Egypt, west bank / Palestine, Pakistan and Afghanistan on students of the university of Duisburg-Essen. In the role of diplomats their worked on changing the world in a better way.

Does the jackett sit? How do we look? Everybody wants to look good in the business dress, when they are coming.  All guests of honour of the DuEMUN 2007. They enter the hall of Geibelstrasse: H.E. Mohamed El-Orabi, the German ambassador for Egypt, Mrs. Dr. Baumgarten, chairpersons of the German Academic Exchange Service office in Jerusalem and German Academic Exchange Service professor at the university Birzeit/west bank, Mr. Prof. Muhammad Hafeez, manager of the institute of social and cultural studies of the university of Punjab in Pakistan and Mr. Brigardegeneral Achim Lidsba, commander in chief of the 14th brigade of the armed forces in the ISAF contingent (11/2005 – 03/2006).

Weeks before we practiced with topics like „What are to the best arguments for vacation in your country“ our roles as diplomats. Now we have to dicuss about the violent conflicts in Sudan and international peace talks with DPR Korea at the security council. The agenda of the human rights council had to deal with anti-terrorism, death penatly and the human rights. However, before we opened the simulation, we have had the discussions with the real actors approached us. Everybody was a little bit excited. Can we put to the guests adequate questions? Does a conversation works? Or do we have to endure awful minutes of calmness? However, already after the first hour we hushed. It was no problem to ask the guests some questions. It was more difficult to hold them in the temporal frame.  But they also had to say a lot of important things. In really impressive way explained, for example, Brigarde General Achim Lidsba how he worked in Afghanistan. It ist just his duty shot someone down. And while we thought about human rights, he made clear that it simply his job. Then the everyday life in these areas deals only a little with what the people decide in their suit. Or just nevertheless completely a lot because the soldiers must keep to the regulations. After about three hours of talking, thanks talking and discussions we did not leave the hall at all so freshly like before. The suits became no matter. We, the beginning diplomats were trying to understand all these informations. Since after a small break the conference started.

„Present and voting“, was my first sentences as Russia in the human rights council. I was sitting in front of France. I smiled at her. Which topic wants she to put on the agenda? Probably the first? Russia had to avoid the discussion of human rights. My partner and I tried to convince as much as possible countries. Because we knew, that we will need them the next days. We were talking, smiling, get to know the arguments of the others, in the breaks offering a cigarette and think about how to represents Russia in the best way.

Finally, the council worked out a resolution and applauded in the final event and celebrated a party with our foreign guests. And if we had been real diplomats, the essential decisions would be make then.