Overview of the VI. DuEMUN Conference

8th June- 12th June 2010

Delegates DuEMUN VI

On this page you will find a quick overview of the most important facts about the 2010 DuEMUN Conference. Please click this link for related blog-posts about the conference and see the sub-pages for additional information.

Scope and Size::

  • 142 delegates


  • Security Council
  • General Assembly (reduced)
  • G20 Summit
  • Council of the European Union


  • To be added

Awards for outstanding Position Papers:

  • Vera Hemker & Jessica Mompoint (Security Council)
  • Fabian Niederhagen & Rushanth Ramanatha (General Assembly Plenary)
  • Bram Verheij(Council of the European Union)
  • Simi Thambi und Oana-Madalina Duica (G20)

Awards for outstanding Delegations:

  • Philipp Schotters & Stephan Zitzler (Security Council)
  • Jagoda Gruszka (General Assembly Plenary)
  • Leonard Salm & Sebastian Stier (Council of the European Union)
  • Renske Boersma & Fiete Starck (G20)

Guests of Honour:

  • To be added