Since 2009, DuEMUN has held Minimal Model United Nations Conferences (MiniMUN) in Duisburg. These conferences, conducted with NMUN Rules of Procedure, last a single day and generally handle one topic only. Meant to provide a preparation for NMUN delegations and to serve as a quick opportunity for veterans to attend a simulation as a delegate, MiniMUN has become one of DuEMUN’s most popular events.

The name derives from this MUN’s complete lack of frills. There is no Opening Ceremony, no Position Papers and no program besides an 8 hour Model UN session.

Since it’s inception, MiniMUN has grown to an event with up to 60 participants, making it as large as the first two actual DuEMUN conferences. More recently, MiniMUN has been opened for delegations from other German universities to facilitate common preparation for NMUN.