Model United Nations Software (MUNS)

MUNS, or Model United Nations Software,  is a simple tool that has been developed by DuEMUN to assist members of the dais in Model UN Conferences. It enables MUN organizers to largely automate formal debate and caucuses, essentially allowing a single person to run even a large committee without further assistance.
In addition to its administrative utility, MUNS also provides the committee with real time status updates. You will never have to use a blackboard again!

This MUN tool has been tailored for the DuEMUN rules of procedure and might perform differently than expected by your delegates. We recommend to put it to a thorough test before using it productively.

Screenshot of MUNS

Screenshot of MUNS

MUNS is Free Software , licensed under the GNU General Public License. It uses Icons from the Tango Project.

MUNS comes with absolutely no warranty. Use it at your own risk! The author or DuEMUN cannot be held accountable should MUNS destroy your data, set your computer on fire or turn on its makers and declare war on humanity.


  • Two independent Speakers Lists
  • Semi-automatic management of Speakers Time
  • Caucus Mode (Moderated and Unmoderated)
  • Quorum Calculator
  • Motion Generator
  • EU Qualified Majority Vote Calculator

System Requirements:

MUNS will run just about anywhere. If you wish to use it and the binaries do not work for you, download the appropriate sources and compile them with Lazarus from the Freepascal project. The Windows version was built with Turbo Delphi. The GNU/Linux and OSX sources will however compile on Lazarus for Windows without any problems.

User’s Manual

Download Binaries:

If you are using Mac OS 10.8, please read this post.

Download Source Code:


Alternate Version

Tobias Henz of WorldMUN Heidelberg has developed a fork of MUNS with a few new features such as a second window showing information relevant to delegates. As all other versions, it is distributed without any warranty under the same license as the original MUNS.