Overview of the 2011 NMUN Delegation

NMUN Delegation 2011

17 April to 21 April 2011 in New York City, United States of America

Country represented

Kingdom of Norway


Name Committee
Nils Macher Senior Student Advisor
Lukas Kaechele GA First Committee
Nils Macher GA First Committee
Karin Boczek GA Second Committee
Alexandra Wierzba GA Second Committee
Jana Bertels GA Third Committee
Christina Rostek GA Third Committee
Vera Hemker Human Rights Council
Susanne Steitz Human Rights Council
Leonard Salm ECOSOC
Dennis Gischler ECOSOC
Jagoda Gruszka WIPO
Jana Maroski WIPO
Katharina Meven UNICEF
Julia Zellmer UNICEF
Jill Majaura African Development Bank
Natalie Schorr African Development Bank
Sebastian Stier OSCE
Fabian Niederhagen OSCE
Sebastian Schrade NPT Review Conference
Jutta Teuwsen NPT Review Conference

Preparatory Interviews

  • Worldbank Group


  • Outstanding Position Papers

More Information on our trip to New York can be found in our archives .